Is it possible to back our biological clock and rejuvenate?

With age a person starts to have deficits in the production of Growth Hormone. It is a natural process that all adults experience, and it is medically called somatopause. During that period changes are generated in the body composition, that is, the mass, the strength, the bone mineral density are reduced, as well as physical strength and exercise capacity. In addition, body fat increases, (being located mainly in the abdomen), and in the case of psychological symptoms, depression, irritability, difficulty to communicate with the environment and sexual appetite disorders are presented. In summary, the quality of life decreases dramatically.

At present, the diagnosis of Growth Hormone deficiency requires, in addition to the symptoms described, to demonstrate the lack of response of Growth Hormone to a specific stimulus. This check can be only performed by a qualified specialist.

As already mentioned, the somatopause is generated by a decrease in the production of Growth Hormone, but what we should do when this problem occurs, endocrinology specialists recommend to replace the same hormone. With this therapy, also known as ANTI-AGING treatment (anti aging) a number of benefits are achieved.

There are many reasons why an adult should take an ANTI-AGING treatment, consider the following parallel to better understand:

Adults with Growth Hormone deficiency
Adult in Anti-Aging therapy
Impaired quality of life demonstrated by:
• Lack of concentration and memory, low intellectual functioning.
• Low energy and physical mobility.
• Depression social isolation and low self-esteem.
• Irritability.
Substantial improvement in the Quality of Life:
• Reverses the sense of unease.
• Increased energy and vitality.
• Substantial Improvement in emotional stability.
• Increased general psychological well-being.
Impact on bone mineral density:
• More than 24% of patients deficient in Growth Hormone and bone demineralization has consequently increased fracture risk.
Benefits at bone level:
• During treatment with Growth Hormone, the demineralization rates are substantially reduced until definite improvement.
Impact on body composition:
• Deficient Growth Hormone patients have disproportionate increase in fat mass, especially in the abdominal area.
Improvement in body composition:
• Growth Hormone balance and normalizes the ratio of muscle to fat in the body by removing excess fat at subcutaneous skin and visceral level.
Impact on the physiology of effort:
• Menor capacidad de esfuerzo físico, debilidad muscular y fatiga
Improved capacity for physical effort:
• Studies have shown that patients treated with growth hormone improved significantly in their capacity for exertion and isometric quadriceps strength, this benefit lasts until nearly two years after treatment.
Impact on lipid metabolism:
• Up to 51% of patients deficient Growth Hormone have higher cholesterol levels.
Normalizing cholesterol levels:
• Treatment with Growth Hormone works in normalizing the levels of total cholesterol, reducing LDL and triglycerides, and increasing HDL (good cholesterol).
Impact on health care costs in general:
• Overall deficient patients Growth Hormone are frequent patients in health services (2.5 times more).
Decreases the frequency and severity in medical consultations:
• Patients treated are healthier overall.

The patient must qualify for an ANTI-AGING treatment

ANTI-AGING therapy includes an hormonal optimization, a special nutrition that does not involve major sacrifices and a minimum daily physical activity to achieve the best results in the shortest time possible.

Prior to treatment, the patient should conduct an interview with the specialist who determined that laboratory evaluations are necessary to maximize the treatment benefits, after these tests the patient can surely start his ANTI-AGING regime.

The Growth Hormone treatments are completely safe in hands of a qualified specialist

Formerly, it was believed that Growth Hormone was related to the appearance of tumors in patients who had used it, there is nothing wrong, including the Global Expert Consensus on the use of Growth Hormone which brings together specialists from North America, Europe, Japan and Australia concluded in its manifesto that Growth Hormone is not linked to the presence of these complications in patients.

In fact, it is always imperative that the professional in charge is really trained in this new area of medicine.

Dr. Walter Ponciano


Member of the American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine